• Agricultural economics

  • Carbon pricing

  • Clean energy technologies

  • Climate change and energy industry

  • Energy markets regulation and market power

  • Distributed generation issues

  • Energy and environmental policy

  • Energy and macroeconomics

  • Energy and sustainable development

  • Energy efficiency

  • Energy prices and uncertainties

  • Environmental labelling

  • Environmental valuation

  • Fishery and marine economics

  • Forestry economics

  • Game theory and strategic behavior in environmental policies

  • Geopolitics of oil and natural gas


  • Green cities

  • Greenhouse gas abatement costs

  • Implementation of climate policies

  • Integration of renewable power sources

  • Modelling, simulation and forecasting of energy and carbon markets

  • Oil and gas transportation

  • Oil reserves, production and supply

  • Power and gas trade under volatile prices

  • Prospects for nuclear power

  • Resources management

  • Risk management issues in the energy sector

  • Sustainable mobility

  • Waste management

  • Waste-to-energy opportunities

  • Waste markets and regulation

  • Water management

  • Other energy and environmental economic topics


Organizational support


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